Commitment & Ethics

Our Commitment:

As a company, we give the following commitment to our clients, colleagues and suppliers.

We never offer a course that we are not fully trained and competent in.

We only offer courses that are accredited or endorsed by CIBTAC (or reputable and traceable organisations).

We only offer courses that are insurable by reputable and ethical underwriters.

We never sell machines that we have not assisted in the design and manufacturing, and successfully trialled and tested in our own clinics.

We always endeavour to take care of our environment the best we can and run a paperless business. We only offer products that are sustainable, vegan, made in the UK and free from animal cruelty.

All of our skincare bottles are able to be recycled and do not harm the environment.

We donate 1% of our yearly profits to the Papyrus – Prevention of Young Suicide charity.

We each commit to donating 1 full working day each quarter to raise funds or volunteer to the Papyrus Charity.

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