HyperTone HIFEM

4 handle – Air Cooling Tesla Technology

20,000 muscle contractions in a 30-minute treatment

HIFEM – High Intensity Focussed Electro-Magnetic Stimulation Technology is the very latest in Body Sculpting technology and the results are unrivalled for body shaping and muscle toning. Using the same technology as EMSculpt, this affordable machine is state of the art and offers lucrative earning potential.

Offer your clients the Brazilian Butt Lift

19% reduction in Fat

16% Increase in Muscle Mass

Whether your client is a regular gym goer and wants to treat those stubborn areas that no matter how hard they work out, just will not tone, or someone who is relatively inactive and looking to boost their fat loss and muscle gain, the HIFEM technology is the perfect solution.

Offering HIFEM technology will increase your sales revenue with substantial profits. We recommend a minimum of 4 treatments, 2 per week in a package. With a package of 4 treatments at the recommended price of £449, just 2 new clients a week can increase your revenue by over £46k a year. 

There are zero consumables needed, treatment time is just 30 minutes and the process can be performed with no skin-to-skin contact.

Let’s briefly talk science.

HIFEM Technology

Using High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) technology, it induces supramaximal muscle contractions not achievable through exercise (or voluntary contractions). During normal voluntary muscle contractions, the muscle fibres relax between each nervous stimulus.

HyperTone HIFEM generates impulses at such a rapid frequency that it doesn’t allow the same relaxation phase. Supramaximal contractions cause an enhanced adrenaline release, which triggers an intensive lipolysis response in fat cells. When exposed to the supramaximal contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt, responding with a deep remodelling of its inner structure that results in muscle building and fat burning.

When exposed to these strong contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to these extreme conditions. The muscle starts remodelling its inner structure by multiplication of fibres and their growth. The HIFEM uses a specific range of frequencies that does not allow muscle relaxation between two consecutive stimulations. The muscle is then forced to remain in a contracted state for multiple seconds. When repeatedly exposed to these high load conditions the muscle tissue is stressed and is forced to adapt. Recent studies reported that there was an average of 15%- 16% increase in abdominal muscle thickness in treated patients one to two months after their HlFEM treatment.

What makes us different:

Our HyperTone HIFEM machine differs from many within clinics currently as it has 4 handles rather than 2. This advancement in technology means that not only can we treat major muscles such as the abdomen, thighs or buttocks with the 2 large handles, we can comfortably treat smaller areas such as the triceps, biceps and calf muscles with our smaller curved handles.

The machine is air cooled rather than water cooled so there is no risk of overheating or burning. The treatment can be carried out whilst client is fully clothed and completely done in 30 minutes.

Why should you invest in a HyperTone HIFEM?

  • Treatment is gaining huge popularity.
  • Affordable
  • It treats all types of people
  • There are no consumables
  • 4 Handles (2 large and 2 curved small)
  • Treatment time is just 30 minutes
  • Results are permanent
  • Client can have 3 treatments a week.
  • Offer the popular Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Great return on investment
  • Create client loyalty
  • Reputable name
  • Ergonomic sleek design
  • Full CIBTAC training included
  • CE Approved
  • Full client support

Our price: £14995 (plus VAT)

Includes full CIBTAC endorsed training 

Marketing material

12 months warranty

Finance available

Just 33 Clients purchasing a package at £449 will see your machine completely paid for!

How Much Could I Make?

Estimated profits of HyperTone treatment based on an average price of £110

Get in touch for a full demonstration and details on how you can change the shape of your clinic with HyperTone technology.


Frequency: 1-150hz

Power: 5000w

Intensity: 1.8Tesla

Screen: 12.4inch touch screen 

Pulse width: 310μs±10%

Cooling: Air Cooling

Voltage: AC220V

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