GlowTouch LED

Salon Quality Light Therapy

The GlowTouch LED mask is a lightweight mask that provides salon quality LED light therapy for salon use or for your clients’ comfort in their own home. Our touch control lightweight mask has eight colour choices and a choice of five power settings to treat all skin conditions. The protective travel case enables you to take it anywhere, perfect for the fast pace mobile therapist.


7 colours

168 bulbs

USB Port

Automatic Timer

Why We Love It

Our skin has an amazing ability to absorb light energy. It then converts this energy to stimulate collagen production, synthesise elastin, kill bacteria, regulate the production of melanin (pigment), and speed up the healing process. Clever hey! Light therapy is clinically proven and medically recognised. It offers many therapeutic benefits that are non-invasive and safe.


Regulate oil production.

Reduce Acne.

Improve eczema.

Improve rosacea.

Reduce inflammation.

Promote wound healing.

Improve scar tissue.

Reduce fine lines.

No downtime.

Increase collagen production.

Whatever the skin concerns – this salon quality gadget should be an essential item for business or your clients box of “at home” skin tools! The mask comes with a durable and stylish carry case making it easy to travel with.

The benefits of LED Light Therapy are many and this treatment is a great “add on” to any facial work you currently have within your business.

Enhances cell activity. It promotes the production of collagen, lightens freckles & pigmentation (sun damage). Combats the signs of aging by repairing damage, improving skin elasticity & plumping out lines.

Repairs, balances & calms the skin. Reduces inflammation whilst stimulating natural lymph drainage, reduces sebum and oil production. Beneficial in improving hyperpigmentation.

Reduces broken facial veins, lightens pigmentation, softens textured skin & improves skin’s immunity to inflammation & redness. Soothing & calming properties.

Kills bacteria & significantly reduces inflammation & sebum. Repairs scarring caused by acne & pigmentation, along with sun damage. Tightens the skin & rejuvenates.

Combination of red and blue light. It’s the ultimate LED colour for repairing the skin, treating active acne, scar tissue, rosacea, psoriasis & eczema.

Skin strengthening, repairs & improves skin texture. Reduces redness & has calming affect on the skin. Evens out skin tone & reduces the symptoms of SAD.

Reduces the size of swollen capillaries, calming for the skin. It is anti-inflammatory, promotes healing. Has a soothing effect that can reduce pain and stress.


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